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Jun 14, 2018  Radiators

We are looking for a company for the production or supply of electric, surface tubular radiators in the bathroom for the Arab market, order about 10 mil/EUR. Payment BD-SBLC B2B.

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Jun 14, 2018  Furniture

We are looking for delivers furniture for hotels, hospital, houses, universities, schools, museums, and for what remains devices, like a textile, lighting, gastro, flooring, housing unit complements for Arabian market mother absorption by over long - era cooperated.
Contract: 60 mil /eurbank guarantee, insurance contract, irrevocable letter of credit
Delivery can be split to several suppliers.

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medical technology, equipment,

May 24, 2018  medical technology, equipment,

We are looking for suppliers of medical technology, equipment, furniture, medical supplies, aid for the construction of two hospitals in Bahrain - Bank Guarantee

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